Website Security Solutions for WordPress and PHP

The MadTek EntrusansTM Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) gives WordPress, and other PHP-based website owners timely notice of core website file changes that can expose unauthorized changes. Any change on a WordPress or PHP website's core files could be caused by a cyber security compromise. The Entrusans system scans your website's core files daily and alerts you when those files change.

A unique and key feature of the Entrusans IDS is that website change history information is not stored on the website where it is vulnerable to tampering. MadTek stores the Entrusans system and your file change history on MadTek's cloud storage infrastructure to prevent hackers from editing or removing the Entrusans IDS system without being detected. MadTek does this because all website security applications are vulnerable to tampering, and hackers are known to find and disable website security applications.

MadTek's website hosting and remediation experience with hackers’ website tampering drove the Entrusans system’s development. The Entrusans IDS scans your website daily and stores your file metadata in the MadTek cloud repository. The system compares the current scan against the previous scan and sends an email notification reporting files that have been created, deleted or changed.  This file integrity management is a powerful security tool to quickly expose a website compromise. Hackers are notorious for compromising websites and then using the websites for nefarious purposes for from months to years.