The Entrusans™ IDS FAQ

Does this plugin work with WPMU?

The Entrusans IDS supports any PHP based website. The pricing model for the Entrusans IDS is based on the number of domains associated with a multi-site web installation.

Does The Entrusans IDS correct any problems it finds?

The Entrusans IDS does not correct problems. The purpose of The Entrusans IDS is to capture file change history and use that to detect changes on websites for analysis by the owner to determine if the changes to the website are legitimate or malicious.

What happens if the scan times out?

The Entrusans IDS scans are subject to time out for many reasons including the owner's website could be offline, there could be a network failure or a hacker could have deleted the Entrusans IDS client. The Entrusans IDS scanner retries in the event of a time out and after successive failures notifies the website owner via email that the scans are failing.

If I do not receive an email does that mean I’m OK?

The Entrusans IDS only sends emails if the website has changed or in the event of sucessive scan failures.

How often does the Entrusans IDS scan?

Every 24 hours.